The year in review

I thought I’d step back from writing about leadership for a moment and look back over the first year of the intentional leader to see how things went–and also look forward a bit to some of my goals for 2011.

First, some stats for the year:

  • Launched 5/6/2010
  • 45 posts – about 6 posts per month
  • 1,801 total visits – 250 visitors per month
  • 121 visits – highest volume day

I’m generally happy with these numbers on the whole: I ended up posting frequently–something I was worried about given how much I traveled this year; and I think I got good traffic given it was my first foray into the world of leadership blogging; however I really struggled to generate comments on my posts–the distribution was very uneven, with a couple of popular posts getting the lion’s share of comments and the rest of them getting no comments at all.

With that having been said, here are some of my goals for 2011:

  • 4 posts per month – since launching the intentional leader, I’ve been given the opportunity to be a regular contributor for CMSWire and AIIM E2.0 Community, but despite these other commitments, I think it’s critical to keep the content here fresh on a weekly basis.
  • 500 visitors per month – I’d love to hit this milestone at least once by the end of 2011, so I’ll not only be stepping up how I promote the blog through social media, but also improving my content to make it more valuable to a wider audience of folks interested in leadership and organizational design.
  • More consistent comments – I’m going to work hard to better engage all of you out there with my posts to encourage and facilitate more consistent comments…after all, I really want this to be not only a forum for me to put my ideas out there, but also a space for others to share theirs–and for me to learn from you all. So this will be a strong focus here in 2011.

And finally, I want to say thanks to all of you for taking the time to visit here regularly and make the intentional leader a success–I appreciate all the great feedback and support I’ve gotten from the wider community. I promise to work hard to keep this blog fresh and relevant, and hopefully you all will continue to find it valuable to your day-to-day work lives.

I’ll get back to leadership next week, but in the meantime please jump in and give suggestions, comments, feedback, or general heckling–would love to hear what you all think I should focus on here in 2011!




2 Responses

  1. I love your blog Joe… keep on blogging 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jolanta–and thanks for being such an active participant here…I appreciate your thoughtful contributions!

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