Turning around in a greenfield (part 2)

In the last post, I shared the details of a leadership transition I lived through and suggested two factors that were important to the outcome. Let’s turn to each of these now in more detail.

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Turning around in a greenfield (part 1)

Like most folks, I’ve had the chance to live through a number of organizational transitions, some successful, some not, but all of them have been instructive and helped me prepare to some day “get the call” and take over the reigns of a large organization.

I’m running a client engagement now with the IT department of a Fortune 200 company in the middle of large-scale transition: new ERP system, new ECM system, and outsourcing large parts of IT and Finance all at the same time. Their CIO is in the thick of it, and it’s too soon to tell whether he (and the organization as a whole) will be successful. But it reminds me of a similar transition I lived through and whose outcome I did get to witness first hand…

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